Graphic Designer based in Chicago

Acrylic Projects

Exploring different mediums and skillsets are essential to progress further into our design journey. One of the things I enjoyed playing around with are acrylic materials because of its versatility and unique effects. The quality of this material is well-made and easy to work with. When using acrylic sheets for design, I learned to use laser cutting machines and how to be precise with measurements. 

Paradigm of Life

Time waits for no one, and no one waits for time. Life’s paradigm—past, present, future—consists of beings and nonbeings. While lifestyles vary, life is ultimately a shared experience. It begins atomically. Atoms build upon atoms which brings about existence which brings about beings. What is one to make of all this? Life is linear and is conducted in linear time. A being emerges in the past, brings meaning to the present, and comes to understand the nature of being in the future. Paradigm of Life is a conceptual work that explores the vast and at once limiting nature of existence, creating an illusion of being in the infinite space that is time.

This is a thesis project that I made using acrylic sheets, LED lightstrips and mirrors to create an infinite illusion of the text. I use translucent vinyl sheets to give certain colors to the acrylic material and make die-cut letterings to form blockout letters. Two types of mirrors are used to create this infinite effect: a two-way see through mirror and a standard mirror. The acrylic pieces are layered in between the mirrors inside of a wooden frame. The LED lightstrips are soldered into place while they wrap around the edges. With the lights turned on, the infinite effect appears behind the acrylic pieces as the lights shine through. 


Windows provide a unique perspective on life that allows us to connect with nature during enclosure and separation. What we see behind the glass pane impacts the way we feel about life. Without them, there is a sense of disconnection when we are separated from nature. We risk losing our way of being as we live through life sheltered and hidden. Home is a conceptual work that focuses on the value of life living with nature. What we surround ourselves with shapes into how we perceive our own being. 

The frame and cover are made from wood and acrylic. Letters are cut out from the acrylic sheet to leave some spaces that are see-through. The inside consists of paper cut-outs that depicts a natural landscape.